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Do you want to be permanently healthy, full of energy and attractive for everyone around? Start with the most essential - food! I will help you with that

What i dedicate in?

I offer more than just a nutrition plan. I offer you a new lifestyle and instructions how to create it. I do body composition diagnostics, evaluate current situation, give recommendation for nutrition, physical activities and recovery, part of my consulting is also a coaching and recipes to give you some ideas.

Nutrition instructions for you

For building healthy habits

Individual approach

for effective results

Physical activity

For better physical condition

6-months coaching

for permanent change

Tips for healthy cooking

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Services i offer

After experience with clients and also my own, as well as observing people around and their nutrition habits, i realized that some standard nutrition recommendations don't necessarily have to be valid for everyone and are not bringing desired results to all types of people. So i decided, that i will not force my clients to count calories of every meal or eat 5-6 times a day. Every person is a bit different, so unforutnately there is no common rule for all. Thanks to my services, you will have a direction to follow and learn to understand your body needs better.


So you know how to listen to your body
990 CZK
  • Entrance meeting FREE
  • Nutrition plan - recommendations
  • Consultation on the nutrition plan
  • Recipe book for the nutrition plan


Get the full care
2.490 CZK
  • Entrance meeting FREE+diagnosis
  • Nutrition plan - recommendations
  • Recipe book for the nutrition plan
  • Consulting, 6 months coaching


Discover your body
590 CZK
  • Diagnosis of body measurements on Tanita device​
  • Recipe booklet for the nutrition plan​​
  • Nutrition plan for 7 days​​

My name is Maria, i am 38 years old and i am certified nutrition specialist with a complex view on nutrition as a lifestyle and not as a temporary diet.

Not everyone realizes that balanced eating is only one of a few, but probably the most important step on your way to permanent health, and i will be glad to help you with this step.
My nutrition plan includes the instructions for further steps, meaning physical activity recommendations, recovery and stress reduction.

I believe that every person is unique, and that is why I do not offer any standard diets, but individual nutrition plans which contain only available and familiar products, without any restrictions or excluding any of the ingredients, unless the health condition requires so. That is also the reason why i do not offer nutrition plans for: vegan, vegetarian, raw, low carb, keto diet etc.

What can you achieve with our cooperation?

Health and energy

for better and active life


in your eating habits


of body fat and weight


with your body and soul